Vehicletechusa Program

In November of 2011 and 2012, the GLVADA Service Managers and Education Committee met with members of PAA at the Northampton Community College. The groups concentrated on the development of new auto techs for our local dealerships. Together with NCC we have structured the auto tech program at the college to meet the needs of more of our GLVADA dealers.

Service Managers have expressed an interest in forming a partnership with GLVADA, NCC, and the PAA similar to the Lehigh Valley controllers group. The Education Committee has proposed we initiate two meetings a year, one in March, during the Auto Show at Lehigh University and one in November at Northampton Community College.

We will be scheduling the first meeting on March 21st at Lehigh University during our 2013 Auto Show. It will be held at Stabler Arena on the second floor in the Auto Show Lounge. The meeting will begin at 10:00 am and end at 11:30 am. Following the meeting lunch will be served.

Our guests from PAA will be Darren Miller and Skip Wagner. They will be introducing their new program called “Vehicletechusa.”

The Pennsylvania Automotive Association developed a program primarily for dealers to further enhance their Safety and Emission Inspection regulation knowledge. The program is designed for service managers, technicians, and service writers to explain conditions and regulations to customers. There are questions, answers, and photos of defective components or conditions.

PAA has upwards to $300,000 in development – IT, site expenses, clearance expenses, patent rights, and a host of other unbelievable expenses. They have been working on the material for over 6 months and are ready to proceed. The site is not finished and it never will be finished. Heavy trucks and trailers will be added by mid-2013. There will be constant updating and revisions, as we get new interpretations from PennDOT and as new material surfaces as a result of the manual rewrite. Vehicletechusa will reflect these changes.

The subscription cost to member dealers is $40.00 per month and $45.00 to non- members – a virtual steal. GLVADA strongly encourages you to attend the March 21st meeting to learn more about this program.

If you have yet to make a reservation for your service manager to attend this meeting, please email your reservation to Tom Kwiatek at