Scott’s transformation unveiled on Lehigh Street

In November, Scott’s auto dealership on Lehigh Street in Allentown, hosted an open house celebration for the public to view their recent renovations.

That weekend, as I drove along Lehigh Street, at a quick glance, I observed the usual trimmings that accompany these events. There were  flags flying, balloons blowing, and refreshments for the prospective customers. But I wasn’t aware  of the changes that had taken place. Much to my  surprise, when I spoke to Richard Salezze, Scott’s dealerships partner, I discovered the numerous changes that have taken place.

According to Mr. Salezze, with the demise of the  Hummer and the loss of the Chrysler franchise it was decided to reorganize, renovate, and modernize the dealership.

The changes at Scott took many forms:

  • The Volvo dealership was enlarged and various areas of the building were modernized.
  • The Mazda dealership was moved into the former Hummer facility.
  • The Saab dealership and all used cars were consolidated on the former Mazda site.
  • The former Chrysler building has been converted into a separate customer delivery center for all car sales.

The former Chevrolet facility has been renovated and expanded to house both Chevrolets and Cadillacs. This is the most noticeable change. The building has an appearance of a new store, with a larger, brighter, modern interior. The roomy showroom allows for a customer friendly display of many Chevrolet and Cadillac models.

Both Andy Scott and Richard Saleeze believe customer satisfaction was the main purpose for the renovations.

The customer delivery station is a definite improvement for customer relations. It provides the buyer with a comfortable and private indoor area to complete their final transactions. It gives the salesperson an opportunity to leisurely explain the many features of the customer’s new car, something that is really appreciated on a rainy or cold day.

Another feature Scott customers will appreciate, when they take their car in for service, is a covered area. All of the Scott dealerships have two covered drive-thru lanes leading to a new, modernized customer waiting area.

Both Andy Scott and Richard Saleeze believe customer satisfaction was the main purpose for the renovations. Their long tradition of repeat customers will only be enhanced by the changes.

Their effort to improve shows their customers that the Scott dealerships will be a major player in the 21st century.