On Par for Golf Promotions

While seeing a car on a golf course is not unusual, especially if the prize for a hole-in-one is that car, GLVADA continues to take it to new extremes. Due to the participation of our dealers, GLVADA has featured a minimum of 12 cars for each of the three tournaments we sponsored this summer (so far). Tournament presenters identify our displays as the “Mini Auto Show” on the course. Because of the number and variety of vehicles displayed at each tournament, the cars become a feature of the tournament, rather than an add-on.

At the first three tournaments sponsored by GLVADA this year, 28 different dealerships participated by displaying a vehicle. Several had their vehicle attended by a sales associate handing out business cards. If you have not yet participated in one of the GLVADA sponsored tournaments, you still have time. The Bethlehem Chamber’s Walla Gazoo tournament, played at the Bethlehem Golf Club is scheduled for August 19th. If you would like to display a vehicle, please contact Tom Kwiatek at 484-767-8457.

To the right is an example of how the vehicles are displayed and advertised at the various tournaments.