NCC’s Global Automotive Program Customized

Last November, Northampton Community College and the GLVADA Education Committee held a meeting for dealer service managers to explain our new customized Global automotive program. Unfortunately it occurred shortly after Hurricane Sandy and many of the dealer service managers were unable to attend as originally planned. So, here is a short recap of the program.

Our Global automotive program is a two-year Associate Degree program. Unlike our GM and Chrysler program it is open to any student. All students serve practicums at either area dealers or independent repair facilities. In an attempt to maximize value to you, we have created some customized programs to better serve your needs for well-trained, entry-level techs. To date we have created a customized path for students who are working at Ford, Kia and Nissan dealerships. We also hope to have a customized path for Toyota and Honda shortly. We are open to working with all of you to develop paths that work for your dealership.

Briefly the customized plan is that as our students complete their courses with us they are assigned to complete any web-based training in each area of study that is required by the manufacturer. So, in order to be successful in our courses they must also complete the factory training in that area. While at this time it only covers web-based courses, it could also cover some hands-on courses at your discretion. So by graduation from our program the student should have completed about 70% of the training required of your technicians. (This percentage will vary by manufacturer.) While this will benefit the students it will also benefit you by saving training cost that you may incur if this training does not occur until after the student has graduated from our program. It further adds to the value of the student and to you, should you retain him as a permanent employee.

If you are interested in pursuing this for your brand, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can work together to plan a training path to enhance the value to you for sponsoring a student. I can be reached at 610-861-5327 or