Bragging Rights up for Grabs

Bragging Rights2013 GLVADA CUP – Tuesday, September 10th

Coming off a colossal upset in 2012, GLVADA’s import dealers are feeling very confident. Admitting they took victory for granted last year after two easy wins the years before, the domestic dealers have sworn to get their revenge. Thus, you have the intense rivalry that has come to mark the annual golf tournament pitting domestics against their import colleagues.

Who will come out victorious this year? Will it be the more skilled team or the one who can keep their emotions calm and use teamwork and strategy to their best advantage?

We will find out on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at the famed Lehigh Country Club.

Please reserve Tuesday, September 10th on your calendars.

Some domestic dealers are already referring to it as the Day of Reckoning. The stage is set, the date is locked in, and Lehigh Country Club will be manicured and ready for the challenge. Will the dealers? We hope so. The fate of two deserving charities is on the line. Selected to benefit from our dealers’ efforts will be Communities in Schools (Imports), and Valley Youth House (Domestics). Don’t miss this unique day of golf, fellowship and community. Remember, through our combined efforts, we were able to raise $25,000 for charity last year. Rumor has it that one team has already tried to enlist “ringers” from an outside dealership to sway the golf scales in their direction.